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“What makes our support the best in the business? Our people…”

Our experts are trained and are experienced. Our processes are well-defined and tested so that issues always get handled, and always in a prompt manner. But you may wonder specifically why you’d be better off either moving away from your current IT support provider or even away from using your own internal IT person / people. Below are several key points.


Stratiform’s Calgary and Vancouver helpdesk teams are all intermediate or senior level staff. Some of our competitors offer lower rates by manning their helpdesk with junior systems specialists. Their hourly rate may be lower but issues take longer to resolve and you end up paying more with increased downtime as a result.

Stratiform’s support is the most effective use of your IT spend. Our people are fully trained on the primary marketplace cloud solutions available. Many of our competitors are not skilled in working with cloud technologies but actually fear it – it means less infrastructure for them to support and ultimately, less work. Stratiform has embraced the cloud because we know it’s right for our customers. Our people’s viewpoint and skill sets reflect that.

Cloud Capabilities

Our expertise with cloud technologies has allowed Stratiform to offer some previously unseen capabilities. For instance, Azure RemoteApp (explained further down below) allows people who like using their iPads or Android devices to use these devices full-time. No more need for a laptop or desktop. Microsoft’s Azure RemoteApp allows them to run applications that are Windows-based apps as though they are installed right on their tablets. (Our own president actually runs ALL of his applications from an iPad Pro.) The application actually runs within Azure but it feels like it is running locally. This also means that your data that is kept within Azure can easily be accessed at anytime from anywhere. And it can be done securely.

Project Delivery

Because the Stratiform team is part of Stratiform – our parent company – we have access to senior architects and engineers who know how to properly implement key solutions. They have experience designing, planning and executing projects for larger companies and can therefore bring that depth of experience to your organization. This capability coupled with the Stratiform for Small Business approach means keeping projects smaller and suited to your organizations’ size and needs. In other words … you get the same expertise and solutions that larger organizations receive but delivered in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Team Flexibility

Because of our unique mix of project delivery personnel and support personnel, we have the ability to easily find team members to help out in a pinch. Specifically, this means that although you may have a “primary support consultant” assigned to you (we do this for some larger customers who require regular on-site visits), they are not the only ones available to help. If someone is unavailable due to sickness, vacations or other reasons, we will always be able to provide someone to replace them and continue to look after you. Many of our competitors simply do not have the resources to help out in this way. And if you rely on your own IT person, you know that things often suffer when they are unavailable. That is never the case with Stratiform for Small Business.

Stratus One

Have you ever wished you didn’t have so many devices? For instance, wouldn’t it be great if you could just use an iPad for everything instead of using a desktop or laptop at work, hauling a laptop around with you when you need to be mobile and then using your home desktop to log back in to access office resources? We are very adept with Microsoft Azure and as a result have mastered the art of deploying applications with Azure RemoteApp (more information on this below) so that many customers can get down to using just one device. (Our company president uses an iPad Pro for everything and just runs any Windows applications he needs using Azure RemoteApp.) You get the mobility of using a tablet with the broad application support that you’d normally only get by using a Windows device. This isn’t for everyone – some people require dual monitors and powerful video cards because of the applications they run. But most people just use their devices to run some common, everyday applications. With Stratus One, we can moved your Windows applications to Azure RemoteApp and help you see how – with the use of an eternal monitor and new Microsoft apps – you can use virtually any device as your primary work device.

Stratus ID

We have developed a custom solution called Stratus ID. This solution is free for our customers. It is incredibly powerful. It allows you to easily handle on-boarding and off-boarding of employees and account changes. It also automatically provisions Office 365 accounts (email accounts and Skype for Business accounts). It offers reporting that helps to show cloud usage, trends and costs.

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