Stratiform’s Cloud-based Solutions

Improved Efficiency + Lower Costs

We developed two cloud-based solutions that help our customers improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Stratus ID from Stratiform

On-boarding and Off-boarding Solutions

Stratus ID is a solution we developed that helps organizations streamline their on-boarding and off-boarding processes. Both HR departments and IT departments now have one easy-to-use tool that allows them to quickly and easily create, delete and edit user accounts for their employees and contractors.

Workflows for manager approval are built-in and easily customized at any time. And the connectors for Stratus ID allow it to easily connect to and sync with many other systems.

Best of all, this powerful tool is hosted on the MicrosoftTM cloud
and requires no on-premises infrastructure!

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Stratus ID by Stratiform
Stratiform Stratus Insight

Cloud-Based Data Collection Solution for Network-Connected Sensors

Stratus Insight by Stratiform

Stratus Insight is a powerful cloud-based solution that allows organizations to gather important information from network-connected sensors that we help you deploy.

These powerful sensors gather data such as sound levels, temperature and humidity. This data is transmitted to our cloud-based solution where you can quickly and easily view it online in easy-to-read reports. As well, alerts and notifications can be configured so that you are proactively notified when (or better yet before) issues occur.

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