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Calgary based Stratiform offers a wide range of Professional and Managed IT services are perfect for any large organization in Western Canada. With offices in Vancouver and Calgary we are able to provide your business with reliable, scalable and optimized Microsoft or other technology based solutions. Stratiform’s technology offerings are best suited for companies with dynamic teams of 150 people or more.

All or none? Not at all.

You need the flexibility to run some applications on-premises, while moving others to the cloud, when – and if – it makes sense for your business. Stratiform can help make this “hybrid” IT approach easy and seamless. Microsoft offers a consistent technology platform whether you are running servers on-site, virtualizing your workloads, or moving them to the cloud. So whether you are testing the cloud for the first time, or going “all-in”, Microsoft has the platform and tools and Stratiform has the expertise and experience to help you every step of the way.

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Why choose Microsoft?

When you choose Microsoft, you can build on the technical foundation you already know and start with the most widely used operating system and productivity tools in the world.

Whether you need to extend or expand your existing platform to the cloud, or enable dynamic solutions for your mobile workforce, allowing for unfettered business access, Microsoft based solutions, from Stratiform, offer the familiar and proven building blocks to get you there faster without an extensive learning curve.

Stratiform chose to focus on Microsoft based solutions because we believe that Microsoft offers a complete, flexible technology platform that lets you chart the path that’s best for your business; from server to cloud and from PCs to mobile devices.

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Why choose Stratiform?

Microsoft solutions can be complex, and sometimes you need to bring in experts who can help you plan and implement technology properly.

Stratiform, a Microsoft Gold Solutions Partner, has been providing professional IT services since inception. Our vision is to offer the most talented, experienced consulting team and deliver the best quality solutions possible. We’ve been doing that from the start, and we intend to continue building on our success by always doing what’s right and offer the right team for your unique project.

We view our customers as business partners and we make it our priority to provide exceptional, high-value consulting services that are value driven. We understand that technology is not an end in itself, and we seek to understand your unique challenges and deliver the best solution.

Stratiform IT Professional Services - Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 has the potential to transform your business productivity. It unlocks new ways of working, enables mobility and collaboration, allows you to save and store your files securely in the cloud and creates endless possibilities for optimizing your business and IT environment. But getting to Office 365 can be challenging, and realizing all of the benefits while minimizing the impact to your business takes careful planning and execution.


Stratiform has executed Office 365 projects for many customers and we have the expertise you need to ensure it’s done right, from planning and conception, to deployment and operation. In many cases, the first service to move to the cloud is email. Stratiform has migrated thousands of mailboxes to Exchange Online, and we have the tools, expertise and best practices to ensure this migration is a painless as possible. Whether you are a small business migrating from a consumer-based email system, or a large enterprise with a complex on-premises Exchange environment, we will provide the right migration solution for you.

We’ve seen it all, and know exactly where the trouble spots are with this critical business service. Our careful planning and design approach will ensure all aspects are taken into consideration, giving you the assurance that business will continue uninterrupted throughout this phase.

If you have 150+ staff, we can help you take advantage of subsidies that can offset the costs of your email migration.

Stratiform IT Professional Services - Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

With Office 365, you get the latest Office applications – now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date. This new version of Office is called Office 365 ProPlus, and each user can install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs.


In some organizations, introducing a new version of Office is not a simple task. Issues of compatibility and Office add-ins arise, and critical documents may need to be tested to ensure they will function with this new version. Additionally, IT departments want to control the updates and ensure they are properly tested before introducing change into the environment.

Stratiform has helped multiple organizations overcome all of these challenges and get Office 365 ProPlus deployed successfully across the entire organization. We have years of experience with Operating System and Office migrations, application packaging and compatibility testing, and can ensure that your Office 365 ProPlus deployment is a success.

The great news is that once ProPlus is deployed, you will never have to do another Office migration again – with Office 365 ProPlus you always have the latest, most up-to-date version of Office.

Stratiform IT Professional Services - Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. With Azure, you can be up and running fast, scale up or down as needed, and avoid high capital costs—paying only for what you use.


We understand that the public cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. There will be services and applications that you will want to keep within your own datacenter, and others that you will want to migrate to the cloud. Stratiform is a leading Microsoft Azure solutions provider, and we have helped many organizations determine the workloads that make sense for them to move to the cloud.

Our Azure professional services can help you build a strong foundation to build a virtual datacenter in the cloud and leverage all the power and cost-efficiencies of the cloud to the maximum business advantage. We are one of the most experienced Azure practices in Western Canada and have performed Azure planning, migration, deployment, and optimization projects for some of the largest and most complex Azure customers in the West.

Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing collection of cloud services that offers a whole range of platforms and services to choose from.

Some highlights include:

  • Virtual Machines – provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines (VM) in minutes
  • RemoteApp – deploy Windows client apps in the cloud, and run them on any device
  • Web Apps – quickly create and deploy web apps that scale automatically
  • Mobile Apps – build and host the back-end for any mobile app
  • SQL Database – run a Microsoft SQL database as a service, with no server infrastructure required
  • Storage – access highly available and massively scalable cloud storage
  • StorSimple – provision hybrid cloud storage to reduce cost and improve your data security
  • Machine Learning – access powerful cloud-based predictive analytics
  • Event Hubs – ingest, persist and process millions of events per second
  • SQL Data Warehouse – elastic data warehouse as-a-service
  • Media Services – encode, store, and stream video and audio at scale
  • Backup – simple and reliable server backup to the cloud
  • Site Recovery – orchestrate protection and recovery of on-premises services
  • Azure Active Directory – synchronize on-premises directories to enable single sign-on and federation
  • Multi-factor authentication – safeguard access to your data and apps with an extra layer of authentication

These highlights are only a selection of the more than 50 integrated services available in Azure.

Stratiform IT Professional Services - Microsoft OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is your personal online file storage, synchronization and sharing solution, providing a simple and secure location where you can store, sync and share your files. OneDrive for Business is relatively easy to set up and deploy, being seamlessly integrated with Office and Windows. However, once your users have access to 1TB of online storage, the big concern becomes training and the governance of all of this information.


Stratiform will work with your IT and business stakeholders to provide best practices around security, control and governance of your critical business data. We will configure external sharing, offline sync, and access permissions to meet the requirements of your business.

We can also provide workshops and training sessions for your end users to help them see the benefits of OneDrive for Business and understand what work processes make the most sense for them.

Stratiform IT Professional Services - Microsoft Skype for Business

Skype for Business makes it easy for you to meet and connect online, in just one click, whether across the hall or across the globe. HD video, screen sharing, and real-time note taking help meetings matter, producing actionable results and decisions for your team.


Stratiform can help ensure your organization gets all of the benefits from Skype for Business. We will provide the planning services required to get Skype for Business configured properly so you are up and running quickly. We will help you configure your Office 365 tenancy so that Skype for Business is optimally configured for your organization, from federation with external parties, to audio/video and web conferencing settings, we will make sure your Skype for Business implementation is optimized for you.

Additionally, we can provide workshops and training sessions for your end users to give them the knowledge, tools, tips and tricks they need in order to maximize their productivity with Skype for Business.

Whether you are implementing the full range of Office 365 services, or only a subset, you can trust Stratiform to provide the right professional services to plan and implement the services properly, positioning you for the future. We’ve walked alongside customers large and small, from a variety of industries, as they’ve journeyed to the cloud with Office 365. Along the way, we have learned a whole lot about the unique challenges, questions, and opportunities that present themselves with this kind of a transformative project. We’ve worked with IT administrators, Directors, VPs and CIOs to expertly guide their organization along the path to the cloud with Office 365.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

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How people work has changed significantly over recent years. Many factors have contributed to the shift in how and where people choose to work. New form factors, apps, and working practices all play a role in the shift towards enterprise mobility.

Whatever the drivers, businesses want to maximize the productivity of their workforce, but this needs to be balanced with the need to protect corporate assets and keep costs under control. Simply having plans and policies around enterprise mobility and associated trends such as BYOD does not guarantee success as some gloomier predictions attest.


IT has responded to challenges as they have arisen. While this has been effective in solving immediate issues, it has resulted in a highly device-centric approach to management.

There are a number of disadvantages to continuing a responsive approach. It leads to inconsistent experiences for the user across different devices and applications. Increased burdens on IT helpdesks, duplication of many IT tasks, and increased spend and complexity within the IT infrastructure disrupt the pace of the business and delay progress. Also, it may not be any guarantee that investments made today will be fit for future purpose as new form factors and user options become available.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a comprehensive set of tools that gives you everything you need to enable mobile and remote access with better protection and management, including Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows InTune and Windows Rights Management Services.

Stratiform can help your organization to assess, plan, deploy and extend EMS. We have qualified, experienced consultants that have worked with many customers to discuss their mobile strategy, identify success factors and goals and deliver the benefits of EMS quickly.

  • Expand the workplace – remove the traditional boundaries of the workplace to increase employee productivity by enabling them to work wherever and whenever they want.
  • Device choice/freedom – enable users across the organization to work from the device of their choice.
  • Improved mobility – powerful productivity and line-of-business mobile capabilities makes users and the business more responsive and productive.
  • Better protection – managing corporate assets and data more safely and securely.
  • Consistent access and experience providing users with a single identity and improving their self-service capabilities.
  • Comprehensive management and monitoring – simplify and streamline the management of all mobile devices and apps.
  • Improved security – track usage patterns to identify potential security issues with reporting and alerting features and Hybrid Identity enables risk mitigation with monitoring for inconsistent access patterns.
  • Enhance productivity with self-service and single sign-on experiences – make users more productive by providing each with a single identity to use for access, whether they are working in the office, remotely or connecting to a cloud-based SaaS application.
  • Reduce support costs and unproductive downtime – provide users with self-service solutions to perform tasks, create and manage their own groups for collaboration, apply for access to resources, and work autonomously to focus on their jobs
  • Manage and control access – retain control of access to applications and resources across the corporate datacenter and into the cloud with additional levels of user validation and conditional access policies.
  • Simplify authentication – provide solutions for identity sync and federation to create a single identity for each user—one user name, one password.
  • Manage and protect at the application level with conditional access through managed apps and a protected browser.
  • Unparalleled management of Office mobile apps – maximize productivity by enabling your employees to access corporate resources with the office mobile apps they know and love while applying policies that can help prevent leakage of company data.

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